Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sewing Class

I am so excited for the sewing class that Anne, Christy, Erin & I are starting on Wednesday. I have limited experience with sewing so I'm pumped to know how to use patterns.

Yesterday I stopped on my way home from work to meet Anne at Joann's to get some fabric for the aprons we are making in the second class. I didn't have my list of "school supplies" so I called Dusty (who was at home) to read it to me. He said we needed 1/4 yard of cotton print fabric and a 1/4 yard of matching solid fabric. I picked up some cute yellow stuff.

When I got home I checked the list to make sure that I had everything for Wednesday. The list said "1-1/4 yard of cotton print and 1-1/4 yard of matching solid". I asked Dusty, "Doesn't this mean that we needed a yard and a quarter of each fabric?". He explained to me that you shouldn't use dashes when discussing fractions and that what was meant by the dashes was "one one quarter yard" of each". I told him that if they didn't use the dash then it would look like 11/4.

I hope he's right or else I have to go back and get all new fabric. If they wanted us to get one and a quarter yards of fabric each they they should have just used a space like this: 1 1/4, right?


Doreen T. said...

Hate to tell you this, Kara, but unless you are making a VERY skimpy apron, you will need one and one quarter yard of each fabric. Have fun sewing!

Chris/ty said...

yeah it is definitely 1 and 1/4 yard...! Bummer! Maybe you can use that fabric for potholders. Ha ;)

Sheri Hamlin said...

In defense of Dusty he is correct, they should not have put in the dash. I'm sure that others have made the same mistake - But most of us know that you need more than 1/2 yard to make an apron.

Kara said...

Anne and I ended up buying a yard of each so hopefully that will suffice.

Robica said...

That sounds like fun! I'm a size small. jk ;)