Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boise Home

Here's a picture (from the tax assessment website) of our house. Dusty bought this house back in 2002 before we met. Since his move to Seattle in 2004, the house has been rented out. We were very fortunate that the house has not gone one month w/o tenants so we never had to pay both our apartment rent and our mortgage at the same time.

The house is in a super cute neighborhood and his lot is fairly large since it's on the corner. Also, his parents live 1.34 miles away so we will be able to walk there (if we choose).

I will be posting more pics of the house in the future (especially before/after pics as we embark on some "updating projects").


Chris/ty said...

Kara! It is so adorable. I love it! I can just see little "Tor-Ham's" running around in the front yard. Can't wait to come visit you guys for a weekend!!

Robica said...

Super cute and exciting!

anne said...

Ah, let the new adventures cute and so exciting! :)

I'm with Christy - can't wait to come visit!

Our growing family said...

That is wonderful that you have a home already taken care of...God is so good! One less thing to think about! =)