Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Remodeling

Here is the before and after of our wood-stove removal project. We still need to add floors and base moulding.

Our entry way used to have 70's spindles. Although the house was built in the 80's, it looked as though it longed to be in the 70's.

Our kitchen cabinets have been repainted. (I hate the picture because it was taken at night with the fluorescent lights on...eck!). We have bought new hardware for the cabinets but haven't installed them yet. New countertops to come shortly also.


Valerie said...

I dunno, I kind of like the spindles & the orange. All you needed was some shag carpet! And maybe a bean bag and a lava lamp.

Chris/ty said...

Kara I love what you guys have done with the place! I can't wait to come for a visit someday soon. :)

Linds said...

Kara, how exciting! I have a house warming present for you! Can't wait to see you Thursday!
Ta Ta!!

anne said...

You guys have done an incredible job already! I'm impressed. Keep the pictures coming! :)