Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kelley's Shower

K-Riggs (Kelley) is getting married on Saturday. When I was in town last I threw her a bridal shower. My mom offered her new place as the venue and was also super helpful with making the shower a success.

I have been friends with Kel for almost 10 years!
Kelley got lots of awesome gifts from her generous friends.
Kelley's jr. high and high school friends Inna and Grace.
I decided to try out the game that Stacy suggested (Val's game actually).  I think it was a hit.
LBC friends.
This was the winning team.
(Kel's looking tan!)

I'll be in Seattle briefly for her wedding and all the events that go with it.  I hope to get some great pics while there.  I am so happy for Kelley and Gregg!

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