Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mos Def

I saw Mos Def at the Sea Tac airport on my last return flight to Boise.  He was standing/waiting around those new Alaska baggage kiosks with no entourage.  As I walked past him I saw him and said, "Mos Def" in disbelief.  He said hey back.  I started to walk away but then stopped and thought, "heck, I got time, might as well get a pic."  I politely asked for a picture with him.  He said he doesn't do that.  He reached out to shake my hand.  I shook it, smiled, said, "enjoy waiting" and left.

Who the heck does he think he is?  He should be grateful that someone recognized him since no one else was.  Does he think I'd post the pic on  That's actually true.  Maybe he doesn't want to be pictured with the likes of me.

Someday I'll share how A-Rod totally snubbed me when I saw him in Seattle.

*For those of you who don't know who he is.  He's an Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy award nominee rapper turned actor who's appeared in the Italian Job, Be Kind Rewind, Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy and Dave Chapelle's Block Party.

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e said...

I saw him at SeaTac once too when I was on my way to LA! We just smiled at each other. He must have friends here.