Wednesday, February 18, 2009

living room makeover

I'm finally getting around to posting some pics of our living room. It has undergone a huge transformation since Dusty started work on it in July.  (The "before" pictures are at the bottom of the post.)

I thought today would be a good day to take pictures since the sun was out and the room gets great light at this time.  If only my camera could really capture the true light.
Just imagine Dusty sitting on this couch playing xbox live with Chris, Ben and Andy for countless hours.  
We added a light and took out the ceiling fan to modernize the joint.  We didn't really need the fan since we have A/C.
The carpet doesn't look like it was in that bad of shape but some of our renters had pets and we also had a dog.  It just makes it easier with the floors we put in now.
The wood stove is no more.  Someone actually bought it off us (and they picked it up) for $100 off of craigslist.  Who would have thought? Where the stove was is now one of our hutches and a tall table. 


J Yo said...

Love what you've done with the place...and if my eyes aren't deceiving me, I believe I have that same table runner... :)

You've both done an amazing job, Kara!

Kara said...

You have that table runner? I made it from some home decor fabric I got at Hancock Fabric.

Stefanie said...

The place looks fantastic, Kara!!! Nice work!

J Yo said...

Yup...Christy made it for me... :)