Monday, February 23, 2009

money doesn't determine my worth

As the stock market hit crazy lows today, I feel like it's a good time to finally post about this terrible economy.  I wish I could say that I thought things were going to get better soon, but the truth is, I think things are going to get a lot worse. This economy brings uncertainty to so many of us regarding our jobs, our homes, our retirement and our savings. 

I think it's safe to say that we've all felt the pinch, right?  No one's exempt.  Our jobs might have slowed down or maybe you've lost yours, our 401Ks look a lot smaller than they did and our homes have decreased in value.  Money is tight. My parent's says that the I'm too young to let this worry me, but how do I just get over seeing the value of my mutual funds down $12K, my 401K down $8K and (according to the zestimate) the value of my home down 25%? How can we, as young adults, not be worried when it seems like everyone my age is "under water" (owing more than the house can sell for) with their mortgage? Our church is struggling to pay the bills as well as our favorite charities/ministries and it doesn't seem fair. It seems like there's a lot to keep us up at night.

I wish I could say that the uncertainty of this time doesn't worry me a little. I'm nervous for myself, my friends and my fam. 

I do find comfort in knowing that God is in full control of my job- my promotions and as well as my demotions.  He's in control of Wall Street and he's in control of the housing market.   He's in control of the stimulus plan and he's in control of the national deficit. He's in control of it all.  He just asks that we trust him with that. After all, my worth isn't determined by my pocketbook, it's found in Christ.


anne said...

Ah, how right you are! Unfortunately, it's still tough to trust at times. So, I appreciate the reminder.

If things get much worse, we can all move in up some money and share the mortgage. :)

Doreen T. said...

Great reminder, Kara, about the Source of our worth. Such wisdom from someone so young! I praise God that He is the Source of that wisdom also.

BTW, I'll trade your losses for ours any day....

Christy said...

Very true. Good reminder Kara. I just look around at my husband and son and think about how the economy or government can't take them away!

And good point Doreen! Good thing we are still so young and have lots of time to make up for the losses.