Saturday, February 28, 2009

No pictures, I promise


5 months pregnant + swimsuit + mountains + hotsprings= an ugly fun time!

I tried on a maternity swimsuit yesterday but it was sooo baggy.  I guess I'll just have to stick to my bikini for right now.  While trying on my swimsuit today, Dusty said the sweetest thing.  He said "From the front, you can't tell, from the side, you look bigger."  Trust me, it warmed my heart.

I'll post a 5 month pic of myself later this weekend.


Chris/ty said...

Remember when I went swimming at your apartment in a bikini when I was 7 months pregnant? Ha! Hey it is the one time in your life you can let your belly hang out and it is OK. :) Have fun! Miss you and can't wait for the Ham/Camp Boise adventure!

Mike and Becka said...

We want pictures!

The Kjack's said...


I know I am out of the loop with the whole blogging scene, but congrats! I just had some time to get on various blogs and loved seeing and hearing your exciting news!