Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guest Blog...

Yep, its Dusty with a guest blog. This is actually my first attempt at blogging so hopefully I make it a good one or Kara will never let me blog again.

Kara was kind enough to help me go through the boxes of books I have collected over the years. And by boxes....I mean about 10 big cardboard boxes full! The books ranged from 1st grade to 6th grade reading level. People give books away all the time, so I take them. One teacher retired, another moved to a new grade I took their old books. Kara was getting tired of having the boxes in the garage so last night we went through them to see if we could consolidate and get rid of some boxes. We managed to weed out two smaller boxes of books that we will give away to a local book supplier.

As we were going through the boxes, we came across some gems! And by gems I mean books that made us laugh or cringe. Below are the best of the best:

It just seemed that a title like Slave Dancer would not be a wise choice. But it did win a medal so I must be reading into it a little too much.

I didn't buy this one. Kara did laugh out loud when she found it. Aren't these kids...or guys...married with kids?

This book makes me think of the kids in my class that tell me the kinds of beer their parents were drinking the night before. Couldn't the author just call it Harvey, the Recycling King.

Why encourage our kids to learn another language when they can just water it down and make it their own.

Who is the girl on the left? The person who guesses it correctly will receive a wonderful book called The Saddle Club.

Yeah, glad I didn't take this one in for the kids to read. Notice the two heads that are chopped of and the blood running down the neck.

RAVEN!!!! Enough said.

And finally...a title that I thought was the worst of all. I can see how the author wanted to make the title meaningful. But come on! Were Peter and Connie Roop trying to make fun of Helen Keller when they thought of this. Maybe I'm taking it a little too far. I think this title is awful. Why not just title it: Hey Helen, you're different!

Thank you for your time.


J Yo said...

Mischa Barton (sp?) from the O.C...may it rest in peace. :)

Nice post, Dusty!

Doreen T. said...

Great post, Dusty! Time to start your own blog???

Christy said...

Thank you for my morning laugh Dusty. You should guest blog more often. See you tomorrow!

Mike and Becka said...

It's Kara - the girl on the left is Kara. Do I win the book??

Not bad for a first post :)

Kara said...

No, it's not me. It's Mischa Barton.

Krista said...

I don't know how I ever got a real education without a book on the hansons!