Tuesday, April 28, 2009

our weekend

The Camps came this weekend to play with us and we had so much fun. We went some parks, the nature museum, played outside with Gunner, ate lots of food, rode bikes, went to church and watched a movie.

It was so great to hang out with them again just like old times. Case has grown up even more though and is even cuter than before (seemed previously impossible). He talked (jibberish) all weekend and loved playing with our dog. He also took interest in Dusty's musical equipment. I miss them already!


Christy said...

We LOVED coming to visit and see you guys. I can't wait to go through my pictures and post some. I got some good ones. Thanks again for having us! You guys are the best. We had so much fun.

Stefanie said...

SO jealous! What a great weekend!!