Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So Ezra has grown out of almost everything labeled "newborn". He's now onto larger, longer sizes. That's where I'm confused. Some brands say 0-3 months or 3-6 months while other brands (Carter's) say just 3 months or 6 months.

Do Carter's 3 months equal other brands' 0-3 months or does it mean 3-6 months?

Can someone expalin this to me?


christy said...

I never paid too much attention to sizes since each brand runs so differently (case in point: Case is still wearing his H&M 12 month jeans!? and is in 2T in some other brands..).

Just compare lengths of clothes and that should give you a good idea of when to try out certain outfits.

sarah said...

Carter's 3 is a 0-3...I found this out too late and misses some of the clothes cause Hazel out grew them. I assumed 3 meant 3-6. Some give a weight bracket after the size which helps too.

J Yo said...

Yeah...what they said! :) And I seriously second what Christy said about comparing the sizes of things. I totally missed out on certain things of Hailey's because they were sorted by the size that the tags said instead of by actual size.

Our growing family said...

so annoying, isn't it???
I thought I was ahead of the game by boxing them up for the 2nd boy to come by the way the sizes fit, not by what the tag said, but then Jackson came and he was a chunky man compared to Keaton who was a skiny man! After chunky man came another sinky man...AHHH!! I seriously think they are just trying to really make all us mama's go insane! =)

kel said...

I pretty much go by the rule that "3 months" means they'll fit it TILL they're about 3 months old, and when they give you a range like 3-6 months, they'll grow out of it by the time they're 6 months, therefore it should actually be labelled "6 months."

Stacy said...

I totally agree with Christy - Crosby has some pants or things that are 0-3 or 3 months that still fit (he's 6 months!) and then some stuff that is 6 months that he is growing out of. I just have to remind myself to purge his drawers every few months of things that no longer fit, but otherwise I've pretty much given up on labels. You will notice though that certain brands run huge (GAP, for instance).