Saturday, August 22, 2009

Google Voice

I haven't changed my phone number since moving to Boise. I've had this number for years and I don't want to give it up. This has caused quite a bit of confusion though. You see, my #'s area code is 206 since I have a Seattle area number. The whole Boise area only has one area code though and it's 208. When Boise people try to call me they don't use the 206 area code but they use 208 area code when they try and call me. They are always ringing up this poor lady that has my same number but with the 208 area code.

Luckily, I just signed up for Google Voice. Through the free service I have a 208 number now that rings to my cell phone. If someone leaves a message using my 208 number now, Google Voice transcribes the voicemail and sends it to me via email and text message. Dusty and I have played around with it quite a bit and love it. When he calls the 208 Google Voice number it will ring to my cell phone and my cell phone recognizes it as "Dusty".

I love technology.


christy said...

I can't believe that is free!??! Awesome.

Robica said...

whoa! that is sweeeet.

Mike and Becka said...

WHAT?! That is amazing! I have the same problem with my area code. I gotta look into that.

Lucas Price said...

hey kara,
i tried to sign up for GV, but said I need to request an invitation. i request one, but i am just wondering if you had to do the same, and how long it took you to receive one? thanks,


Kara said...


I had to do the same. Took a week before they sent me an email with the invitation.

K Ham