Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Update for my friends

(Before I post, let this be clear. Don't comment if you don't have anything encouraging to say.  It does upset me on this subject.)

Lacey (sister) wrote today:
Not far from what we anticipated, though, it's clear the jury didn't understand there were two knives and one was open. Thanks, Seattle Times for mucking that up. Good news is that these findings probably aren't enough for the King County Prosecutor to press criminal charges against Ian, though a civil suite against the City is possible. Other good news: the Fire Arms Review will likely be re-evaluating their determination that Ian's actions were unjustified due to the new evidence: the second, open knife and the medical examiner's testimony that his arm was raised.

Got to meet a few members of the family - they were very, very kind and are praying for our family. They've asked we not mention his name anymore so his spirit can be at peace.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


Robica said...

This is very good news. Thanks for sharing Kara. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Kara - I'm glad to hear that the facts are coming to light for your friend. I'm sure we'll all continue to hope and pray that this horrible and complicated situation is resolved soon so your friend, the other man's family and the community can have closure and begin to heal.

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The Browne Family said...

Kara, I will continue to be praying for Ian and his family, as well as the jury!
XoXo Linds

Krista said...

Thanks Kara for passing this along. will keep praying for ian and his family

Heather said...

I randomly happened on your blog and I'm glad I did! Please know that Ian has supporters in Kitsap County.

-Heather & Paul

dave said...

Long story re: how I (we) stumbled upon your blog...

I recently moved to the East Coast, but before doing so, I was a prosecutor for King County for more than a decade.

I worked with Ian on a case RIGHT after this shooting happened. He struck me as a very professional officer and a good guy.

Of course I wasn't there, and have no way of knowing how things occurred, but it sounds like the inquest went well for Ian.

My thoughts are with him, and for the family of the man that he encountered on that fateful day.